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Copper Clad Copper Wire

    Material: Core: Brass

                    Outer Bread: Pure Copper

    Density: 8.4g/cm3

    Electrical Conductivity: 27-32%

    Elongation: ≥20%

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading copper clad copper wire manufacturer and supplier.

Copper clad copper wire is a new alternative material for bare copper wire and tinned copper wire. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and low price. It can be used as ideal conductor and shielding material for communication cables, signal cables, and shielded cables. Coaxial cables and data transmission cables do not affect test data.

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  • 1. Material: Core: brass; Outer bread: pure copper.

    2. Density: 8.4g/cm3

    3. Unit weight ratio of the same wire diameter: 1.06:1

    4. Electrical conductivity: 27-32%

    5. Resistivity: ≤0.074

    6. Tensile strength: 390-420 N/mm2

    7. Elongation: ≥20%


  • 1. Light weight: When the wire diameter and weight are equal, its length is 6% longer than pure copper wire.

    2. Tensile strength:The tensile strength of this product is 1/4 higher than similar products.

    3. Good weldability:Its surface is concentrically covered with a layer of pure copper, which has the same solderability as pure copper wire.

    4. Price discount:Compared with the price of pure copper wire in the market, it can save a lot of cost.

    5. DC resistivity:The conductivity of the product is about 27% to 32%, and the DC resistivity is about four times that of oxygen-free copper.

  • 1. Communication equipment

    2. Electronic Components

    3. Power Cable

    4. Welding consumables

    5. Electrical appliances

    6. Machinery and equipment

Common questions and answers about copper clad copper 


1. What is the conductivity and resistivity of copper-clad copper in general?

Answer: The conductivity of copper-clad copper is generally about 25% to 30% of pure copper. The DC resistivity at 20°C is about 0.055~0.065 Ωmm2/m.


2. What is the general elongation of copper clad copper?

Answer: If the diameter is 0.11mm and below, the elongation is not less than 12%; if the diameter is 0.12~0.254 mm, the elongation is not less than 15%; the diameter is more than 0.254mm, the elongation is not less than 20%.


3. What is the structure of the copper-clad copper material?

Answer: The structure of copper-clad copper is a layer of copper (pure copper) plated on the surface of brass. The main component of brass is copper-zinc alloy.


4. What is the proportion of copper clad copper?

Answer: The specific gravity of copper-clad copper is about 8.4g/cm3


5. What is the copper content of your copper-clad copper?

Answer: The copper content of our copper-clad copper is about 65%


6. What is the difference between copper clad copper and pure copper?

Answer: This question can be answered from the following two aspects:

(1) Compared with pure copper, the advantages are light specific gravity, low price and good mechanical strength. Due to its light specific gravity, when the wire diameter and weight are equal, its length is about 7% longer than that of pure copper wire. As a result, the product cost can be reduced, and the higher the copper price, the greater the savings.

(2) Compared with pure copper, the disadvantage is that the conductivity is not as good as pure copper.


7. How does copper-clad copper compare to copper-clad steel and copper-clad aluminum?

Answer: Copper-clad copper (that is, copper-plated brass) is a new generation product that is improved on the basis of copper-clad steel and copper-clad aluminum. It uses high-quality alloy copper wire as the base material and has undergone advanced copper plating technology. Its surface is covered with a layer of pure copper (red copper), which is the preferred material for audio and video cables, electronic cables, and communication cables.

Product advantages:

(1) Compared with copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad copper has good oxidation resistance and tensile strength;

(2) Compared with copper-clad steel, copper-clad copper has better electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance.


8. What is the scope of application of copper clad copper?

Answer: Copper-clad copper is mainly applicable to the following aspects:

(1) Suitable for some power lines and control cables that do not require high resistivity;

(2) It is suitable for wire products whose resistivity must meet the national standard or UL requirements, and can be mixed with pure copper at a ratio of about 20% to 30%;

(3) Suitable for braided shielding layer of all cables;

(4) Cables suitable for medium and high frequency signal transmission, such as coaxial cables, audio and video cables.

(5) Communication cables suitable for short-distance transmission.


Single wire diameter (Copper-clad copper products can be tinned)


0.08 mm


0.09 mm


0.10 mm


0.11 mm


0.12 mm


0.14 mm


0.15 mm


0.16 / 0.17 / 0.18 mm


0.19 / 0.20 mm


0.25 / 0.40 mm


0.643 / 1.02 mm


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