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Copper Beryllium Finger-Stock

      Material: Copper Beryllium C17200

      Size: Customized


      Surface Finish: Clean and bright finish, tin, nickel and zinc coating

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Copper Beryllium Finger-stock.

Beryllium copper finger-stock gaskets provide a solution for enclosure shielding needs. These highly resilient gaskets are available in a wide variety of profiles including slot mount, clip on, adhesive mount, and low profile options. SMC use only proven technology in creating copper beryllium springs, contacts, and gaskets. Beginning with Alloy 25 (1/4 hard) BeCu, they stamp, form, and post heat-treat to a hardness of 340 DPH to 390 DPH. This process is preferred in the EMI shielding industry because it has proven to produce the best electrical spring contacts.

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  • 1. Material: Copper Beryllium C17200

    2. Size: Customized

    3. Surface Finish: clean and bright finish, tin, nickel and zinc coating

    4. Tensile Strength: 175 MPa Min

    5. Yield Strength: 150 MPa Min

    6. Electrical Conductivity: 22-25% IACS

    7. Thermal Conductivity (25°C): 105W/mK

  • 1. Low compression force

    2. Highest strength copper alloy with high cycle life

    3. Maximum spring properties

    4. Excellent conductivity

    5. Conforms to large gap variations

    6. Dimensional stability

    7. Excellent for bi-directional applications

    8. Wide temperature variation and non-magnetic

    9. Non flammable

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