Enamelled Copper Wire , PTFE Wire

Copper Braided Flexible Wire/ Braided Copper Strip

    Grade: C1100

    Conventional wire diameter: 0.15mm

    Cross-sectional area: 2mm²~120mm²

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Copper braided wire manufacturer and supplier.

Copper braid is softly connected, using copper braided wire or copper stranded wire as the conductor, and the joints at both ends are covered and compacted with copper pipes. The size of the joint is produced according to the customer's matching size, and then special treatment is used to make a soft connection and soft ground .High conductivity, strong fatigue resistance. Can be produced according to customer requirements. Copper braided wire is braided with oxygen-free copper wire, and braided bare copper wire is a kind of copper wire widely used in production. In terms of physical properties, the bare copper wire is soft and has excellent electrical conductivity. Products are widely used in high and low voltage electrical appliances, vacuum electrical appliances, high and low voltage switch cabinets, electric welding machines, electric locomotives, etc.

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  • 1. Electrical installation

    2. Switch contact

    3. Power distribution equipment

    4. Electric welding machine

    5. Electric locomotive

    6. Mine explosion-proof electrical appliances

    7. Generator set

    8. Electrical engineering such as bus duct

  • 1.Anti-vibration

    2.Resistant to bending, good flexibility

    3.Save time and energy

    4.Corrosion resistance, anti-aging

    5.Stable conductivity

    6.Good heat dissipation

Technical Information of Copper Braided Wire:

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