Copper & Brass Sheet / Plate

Crystallizer Copper Plate

    Thickness: 40~60mm

    Length: 180~1000mm

    Metarial: Copper, Brass

Product Detail

The crystallizer is the core of the continuous casting machine. Its function is to force the molten steel that is continuously injected into its inner cavity through the water-cooled copper plate to force the heat of the molten steel, so that it gradually solidifies to have the required cross-sectional shape and certain uniformity. The thickness of the billet shell and the casting of the billet with the liquid phase in the core are continuously pulled out from the lower mouth of the crystallizer to create conditions for its complete solidification in the secondary cooling area. The solidification of molten steel in the mold has a significant impact on the surface quality of the casting yard and the normal production of the casting machine.In the solidification process of high-temperature molten steel injected into the mold and gradually forming a billet of a certain thickness, the copper plate of the mold has been in the molten steel and cooling water. Static pressure, high temperature oxidation, thermal cracks caused by hot and cold fatigue, large temperature gradients, deformation, chemical corrosion of cooling water and protective slag components, high temperature steam erosion, friction, wear and cone adjustment caused by ingots, billets, vibration Many scratches such as scratches caused by width.

  • One is brass and other vertical semi-continuous casting crystallizer, the material is mainly copper, the structure is in the form of a closed ring, the inner cavity is slightly larger than the shape of the casting material, the inner surface is electroplated, the outermost is outside the steel lining plate, and the rest are all Red copper, thickness about 60mm, length about 180~220mm.

    One is in the form of copper plate, the material includes the above-mentioned various brands, the thickness specification is generally about 40mm or less, the length is about 700~1000mm, and the width is determined according to the width of the casting material.

  • (1) Good thermal conductivity

    (2) Higher high-temperature strength.

    (3) Good high temperature wear resistance.

    (4) Good process performance.

    (5) Better performance-price ratio

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