Alloy name: Cu-Mn

    Type: bar, wire, strip, sheet

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Cu-Mn Alloy supplier and manufacturer.

Copper-manganese is a kind of precision resistance alloy, usually supplied with wire, but also with a small amount of plates and strips. It has a wide range of applications in various instruments. At the same time, it is also an ultra-high pressure sensitive material, with the upper limit of pressure measurement up to 500Pa. Manganin has a good piezoresistive effect and is widely used in pressure measurement of high temperature and high pressure environments such as detonation, high-speed impact, dynamic fracture and new material synthesis. The resistance change of manganese copper is approximately a linear function of the external pressure (that is, the piezoresistance coefficient K is nearly constant), and the resistance temperature coefficient is small. With the sensor made of manganese copper as the sensing element, the pressure measurement under dynamic high voltage can be transformed into the measurement of manganese copper resistance change.

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  • Copper + Manganese

  • 1. Low resistivity

    2. Low temperature coefficient

    3. Relatively high corrosion resistance

  • 1. Low value resistance, such as heating wire and heating pad in heating rope, and heating cable.

    2. Welding rods, such as combination surfacing of copper embedded steel trough and welded pipe with electric welding device.

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