Material: Cemented carbide, Carbon steel and High speed steel

    Cutting diameter: 1-14mm

    Stem diameter: 1-14mm


    Useful length: 33mm

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Drilling bit supplier and manufacturer.

Drill is used to drill through hole or blind hole on solid material and enlarge existing hole. The commonly used drills are twist drill, flat drill, center drill, deep hole drill and casing drill. Although reamer and countersink can't drill holes on solid materials, they are usually classified as drill bits.

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  • Diameter: 1-40mm

    Length: 146-160mm

    Length of chip holding groove: 44mm

    Top angle of outer edge: 45°

  • 1.The strength and toughness are good;

    2. The cutting edge is sharp after grinding;

    3. Effectively reduce the chipping edge;

    4. It has good wear resistance;

    5. Multi layer geometry cutting edge.

    6. Improve chip removal performance.

    7. Keep small cutting resistance.

  • 1. Processing cast iron, hardened steel and non-metallic materials

    2. Mechanical manufacturing

    3. Furniture manufacturing

    4. Drilling expansion screw bottom hole.

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