Outer Diameter: 1mm--1200mm

      Wall thickness: 0.1~500mm

      Apparent density: 2.10-2.30 g/cm3

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading PTFE tube(Teflon tube) manufacturer and supplier.

There are three kind of Teflon tube,OD 1mm-25 mm, wall thickness:0.1mm-2.5mm tube, which is made of imported dispersed PTFE resin and extruded by plunger paste;OD 25mm-200mm,wall thickness: 1.5mm-8mm tube, which is made of suspended PTFE resin by pressing and processing; OD 25mm-1200mm, wall thickness 5mm-500mm, which is mould pressing.

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  • 1. Outer Diameter: 1mm--1200mm

    2. Wall thickness: 0.1~500mm

    3. Apparent density: 2.10-2.30 g/cm3

    4. Color: white or black

    5. Length: according to your requirement

  • 1. The operating temperature range is very wide (from -200 ℃ to +260 ℃)

    2. Basically, it has corrosion resistance to all chemical substances except some fluoride and alkaline metal liquid.

    3. Excellent mechanical properties include aging resistance, especially for bending and swing applications.

  • 1. Advanced medical devices

    2. High-temperature industrial equipment

    3. Ground water monitoring

    4. Environmental monitoring equipment

Packaging of PTFE Tube/Teflon Pipe:

Wooden box:.

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