Thickness: 0.2mm--100mm

      Width: 500~2800mm

      Apparent density: 2.10-2.30 g/cm3

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading PTFE sheet(Teflon sheet) manufacturer and supplier.

It is divided into two types: molded plate and turning plate. The molded plate is made of polytetrafluoroethylene resin by molding at room temperature, then winding and cooling. The turning plate is made of polytetrafluoroethylene resin by pressing, Sintered and peeled. High temperature resistance, wear resistance, high pressure resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance; it can effectively prevent deformation and aging. It can be used at -196℃~+260℃ under no load.

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  • 1. Thickness: 0.2mm--100mm

    2. Width: 500~2800mm

    3. Apparent density: 2.10-2.30 g/cm3

    4. Color: white or black

    5. Length: according to your requirement

  • 1. High lubrication, it's the lowest friction coefficient in solid material

    2. Chemical corrosion resistance,insoluble in strong acid,strong alkali and organic solvents

    3. High temperature and low temperature resistance, good mechanical toughness.

  • 1. PTFE sheet widely used in all chemical containers and parts which contacted with corrosive media, such as tanks, reactors, equipment lining, valves, pumps, fittings, filter materials, separation materials and pipe for corrosive fluids.

    2. PTFE sheet can be used as a self lubricating bearing, piston rings, seal rings, gaskets, valve seats, sliders and rails etc

Packaging of PTFE Sheet / Teflon Plate:

Wooden box

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