Material: Copper: C1100, Brass: C2800

      Diameter: 0.1-5mm


      Form Of Inner Hole: single hole, double hole, multi hole

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Electrode Tube.

The special electrode for high-speed EDM piercer, which is produced by new technology, is used for machining precision mould and parts of piercing machine. High quality copper alloy has the advantages of high processing speed, less electrode consumption, good surface finish, high straightness, small ovality and good mechanical properties. Through holes and blind hole can be processed. It can be penetrated from slope and surface.

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  • 1. Material: Copper C1100, Brass C2800.

    2. Diameter: 0.1-5mm.

    3. Length: 180-500mm.

    4. Form of inner hole: Single hole, double hole, multi hole.


  • 1. High processing speed.

    2. Less electrode consumption.

    3. Good surface finish.

    4. High straightness.

    5. Small ovality.

    6. Good mechanical properties.

  • Electrode Tube is widely used in machinery, plastic mold manufacturing and precision machining of various metal parts. Such as cooling hole, filter hole, spinneret hole, flushing hole, jet hole, threading hole, etc

Packing in plastic tube.

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