Copper & Brass Tube/Tube Coil

Bourdon Tube/ Bourdon Pipe/ Spring Tube

    Material: Bronze or stainless steel

    Outer Diameter: 5.4mm*2.4mm or according to customer size

    Wall thickness: 0.25mm or according to customer size

    Length: 250mm or according to customer size

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Bourdon tube manufacturer and supplier.

The elastic deformation of the Bourdon tube converts the elastic deformation of the Bourdon tube into a rotary motion via a conversion mechanism of the movement inside the watch, causing the pointer to deflect to display the pressure.

Our company has LG30, LG20, LD15 multiple cold Rolling mill production line, 6T, 3T, 1T multiple cold drawing machine production line, Bourdon tube automation, semi-automatic production line. It is equipped with a complete set of production equipment such as straightening machine, bright annealing and ultrasonic.

If you want to know more about our copper products or bourdon tube price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Technical information of Bourdon Tube/ Pipe:

1. Bronze Alloy:

a) QSn8-0.3 

 b) According to customers’ requirement


2.Stainless Steel Grade:

a) 304

b) 316L

c) According to customers’ requirement

Packing of Bourdon Tube/ Pipe:  plastic bag + Carton + pallet

Applications of Bourdon Tube/ Pipe: 

1. Hydraulic oil pressure gauge

2. Differential pressure gauges

3. Pressure gauge

4. Hydraulic water pressure gauge

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