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Foam Glass

    Color: Black


    Thickness: 40mm 50mm 60mm and as customized

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading foam glass manufacturer and supplier.

It is a kind of inorganic non-metallic glass material, which is made of broken glass, foaming agent, modified additive and foaming promoter, after fine grinding and uniform mixing, and then through high temperature melting, foaming and annealing. It is composed of a large number of uniform bubble structures with a diameter of 1-2 mm. The sound absorption foam glass is more than 50% open cell bubbles, and the adiabatic foam glass is more than 75% of closed cell bubbles. It can be adjusted according to the requirements of the production, through the change of production technology parameters.

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Packaging of foam glass:

1.The raw materials of foam glass are broken glass, foaming agent, modified additive and foaming accelerator. The raw materials are finely crushed and then uniformly mixed. Put it into high temperature environment for melting, foaming and annealing. Foam glass was finally made.

2. The foam glass itself is non-toxic, and its chemical properties are also very stable. The most important thing is that it also has good thermal insulation performance, because it will not deteriorate in the super low temperature or high temperature range. Foam glass can also act as moistureproof, fireproof and anticorrosive. No matter in any harsh environment, it is safe and reliable. It is also known as "heat insulation material that does not need to be replaced" because of its durable function.

4. Although foam glass is similar to the main components of traditional glass, most of them are glass. However, unlike traditional glass, the foam glass is opaque. It looks like a black sponge and looks soft. The main components are made of broken glass, foaming promoter, foaming agent and other materials. Foam glass is made of glass materials made by melting and mixing above materials and melted by high temperature.

3.All year round. The significantly shortened project cycle not only speeds up the project progress, but also saves the construction cost and reduces the comprehensive cost. Another is that foam glass has excellent thermal insulation properties. It greatly reduces the energy consumption of heating and cooling, thus saving energy expenditure, and the product has high cost performance, which is cheaper than dry hanging curtain wall, and more than thin coating plastering and heat preservation. Foam glass inherits the performance of glass without fire, and the fire rating is grade a. And it has a good heat preservation and insulation effect, but many people put forward questions about its use temperature. Generally, the temperature below - 20 ℃ is divided into two types. One is that the temperature is between -20 and -80 C, and the construction uses the foam glass special sealant material for dense packing. It also needs 230 metal strips every other than the -70.

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