Scaffolding System

Hardware Support Lift

    Material: Iron Steel


    Color: Black


    Craft: Electrophoresis, Painted


    Motion System: Springs, Gas Spring

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Hardware Support Lift with high quality and reasonable price.

Hardware Support Lift is widely used in our daily lives, such as bed, bench, dining table, office, Internet, conferences, entertainment and so on. It can be easily adjusted, operated and save space, the product is very safe, and it increase the practical value.

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1. Using the new electric lifting column lifting mechanism as its lifting devices, with the controller, you can achieve electric lift column / pusher electric lifting column lift height adjustment at any position, meet the needs to adjust height freely.

2. Steel material used in line with the national standard of high quality steel,  surface using steel plating and painted material two processes, it would be guaranteed not to fall off, the surface will not get rusted.

3. Save money and space, do not have to purchase other table and occupied more space.

4. Product is safe with low noise, large telescopic range, smooth surface without any sharp, easy to install and operate.

5. Humane process design, appearance artistic, exquisite workmanship, more durable than ordinary glass table, environmentally friendly.

6. Multipurpose table, practical value increasing by 300%, can be used as coffee table, table lift rise to get to play a variety of purposes needs (such as bed, bench, dining, office, Internet, conferences, entertainment, etc.)

7. Applicable to all kinds of people, convenient and comfortable to meet various needs using height and scope, good posture, prevent lumbar strain

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