Scaffolding System

Cup Lock Scaffolding

    Material: Steel Q235,Q345

    Size: Standard Size or Customizing Size

    Produce Technology: Fully Automatic welding

    Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized/Electroplate/Power Coating/Dip Painting

Product Detail
  • 1. Cup lock Scaffolding Systems are built to be the most reliable and efficient scaffold available.

    2. Safe and convenient, hot-dip galvanized components.

    3. Fast-erection systemized access scaffold, Full range of accessories.

  • 1. A foothold in the high altitude for construction personnel in the construction

    2. Skeleton of peripheral protection.

    3. Support the important vertical support of the template.

    4. Unloading platform.

  • Pipe Diameter: 48.3mmx3.25mm, 48.3mmx2.5mm, 48.3mmx2.0mm 60mmx3.2

    Pipe Thickness: 3.25/3.2mm for Standard, 3.25/3.2mm for Ledger, 2.50mm/2.00mm for Brace

    Basic Components: Standard, Ledger, Brace, Ladder, Base jack,etc

    Standard for steel tubular steel scaffolding: SY/T5768-95, GB/T3091-2001, ASTMA53, BS1387

    Safety technical regulations: JGJ 231-2010

  • 1. Completely modular structure, reduces the impact of human factors of making the construction quality of the scaffold.

    2. Adopts hot dip zinc plating process, effectively prevents the component in the use of internal corrosion caused by the material to decline, to ensure consistency of product performance.

    3. Construction is convenient, high efficiency, saving time limit for a project.

    4. Substantial savings in steel consumption.

    5. Substantial savings in construction time.

Packing Information:


1. Normally scaffolding is loaded to containers in bulk in order to load as more as possible and save sea freight.

2. If customer want to unload by forklift in order to save the labor cost, then we will pack the scaffolding in steel pallet or steel case.

3. Other special requirements can be discussed by both. We can service for you sincerely.

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