Aluminum Foil

Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil

    Grade: 8011, 3102, 1100, 1200


    Thickness: 0.095mm - 0.3mm


    Width: 140mm - 1300mm

Hydrophilic aluminum foil is the main material of radiating fin in air conditioner, which is widely used in

refrigeration plant, such as refrigerating cabinet, automotive air conditioner, etc.Shanghai Metal Corporation

is the leading international manufacturer and supplier for Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil.

Specifications of Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil:

Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin Stock foil is widely used in residential air-conditioning units, commercial freezers,

automobile air conditioning units and water tanks. Our hydrophilic aluminum foil, such as grade 8011,1100,1200, 3102, etc.

are entirely in compliance with international high quality standards. 

1.Alloy grade: 8011, 3102, 1100, 1030B

2.Temper: O, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26

3.Thickness: 0.085-0.35mm

4.Width: 200-1200mm

5.Coating on both sides: 2.5- 4.5g/m2

6.Inner diameter: 76mm, 152mm

7.OD: in accordance with customers’ requirements

8.Colors: natural aluminum color, blue, golden, black, white, green

9.Adhesion: AICC n° 17 (squares method)

10.Polymerization evaluation, M. E. K. resistance: > 10 double rubs in according

11.Corrosion resistance: ASTM B117 ≥ 500h = 10, i.e. 500h salt fog, 5%NaCl

Blistering size 8 with few frequencies (according to ASTM D 714-87)

12.Water resistance: excellent adhesion test after boiling in water 100℃ for 10 minutes

13.UV-resistance: 250h to QVA UVA 340 0.89W/m2, cycle: 8h light at 60℃ + 4h condensation at 50℃ -gloss at 60 ℃/retention <30%

14.Hydrophilic performance: angle measured with demi water, measurements made after 20s drop deposition

15.Value of the contact angle: directly after wetting: <10°

After 2 month of exposure at room temperature: <10°

After 16h in tap water at room temperature and 8h of rinsing at room temperature: <50°

After 5 cycles (like described before): <50°

Features of Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil:

Hydrophilic aluminum foil occupies 80% volume of the air conditioner aluminum foil, compared with aluminum fin stock, the surface of the aluminum foil with corrosion-free and hydrophilic layer, therefore it brings the aluminum foil with function of corrosion-free, anti-mildew agent and no off-flavor; also compared with fin stock aluminum foil, its cooling efficient increased 5%, therefore it is more idea air conditioner heat exchange material. It can reduce the noise; guarantee the long & steady hot exchanger results of the air conditioner.

1) Anti-corrosion

2) Excellent hydrophilic

3) Alkaine resistance

4) Heat-resisting Property: 

    No color change 

    No terrible smell

5) Solvent resistance

6) Formability

7) Trethylene-resistant

Packaging of Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization

Applications of Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil:

1) Air conditioner

2) Refrigerator

3) Indoor and outdoor heat exchanger

4) Radiator, etc.

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