Stainless Steel Tube

Multi-Core Tube

    Material: SS304, SS316, SS316L

    Length Standard: 100-300 m, up to 600 m packed on a wooden drum

    Tube diameter: 6 - 15 mm (1/4” - 1/2”)

    Tube wall thickness: 0.5 - 2.0 mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Multi-core tube supplier and manufacturer.

The multi-core tube consists of one to nine stainless steel laid up spirally inside an extruded outer PVC sheath. For easy identification and protection purposes each individual tube is PVC sheathed in a different color. The extruded outer sheath is made of oil and seawater resistant, weatherproof, flame retardant, corrosion and acid resistant PVC.

  • The multi-core tube (outer sheath) is continuously marked at every one meter throughout the entire length for easy installation. Heat shrinkable products provide complete water sealing, abrasion and corrosion protection under all conditions.

    All tubing products are certified by major classification agencies including DNV GL, ABS, LRS and BV etc. The multicore tubes are extensively tested, including, eddy current, tensile & hardness, hydro & air pressure, as well as air leak testing.

  • Reduce installation time and save space by bundled tubings

    Dramatically cut down on installation and inspection time

    Space-saving and design cost-effective

    Tube protection by triplicate sheath and filler system from outside shock

    Simply solve tube corrosion problem as economical alternative

  • Valve Remote Control (VRC) Line System

    Deck Machinery Remote Control Line System

    Fixed Gas Detection Sensing Line

    Heat Tracing Line

    Pressure Sensing Line

    Sampling & Drain Line

    Fire Fighting System Control Line

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