Steel Wire & Steel Cable

Nickel-plated Steel Wire

    Grade: SWRM6, DL05, customized

    Temper: O

    Diameter: 0.08mm-1.5mm

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Nickel-plated steel wire manufacturer and supplier.

Nickel-plated iron wire is used for communication transmission cable, temperature resistant core wire, film and ceramic capacitor, fixed capacitor, semiconductor inductance, transformer, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, neon lamp pin, lead wire, bracket, stranded wire, etc. Electronic wire. Our company all quotes the technology from Taiwan and Japan. It has 4 production lines for electroplating tin machine, 2 electroplating copper machines, 4 electroplating nickel machines, 10 wire drawing machines, 2 vacuum furnaces, 12 reversing shaft machines, advanced One set of finished product testing equipment and one professional testing equipment, with a production capacity of 1900 tons a year.

  • 1.Grade: SWRM6, DL05, customized

    2.Temper: O


    4.Nickel-plated thickness:1.0um-30um

    5.Surface: polished

  • 1. Nickel-plated steel wire is made of mild steel as a core material, and a nickel layer is plated on the surface by electroplating;

    2. Nickel-plated steel wire has both the strength and flexibility of mild steel and the corrosion resistance of nickel;

    3. As an alternative to expensive nickel wire, it is an indispensable item in the field of electronics.

  • 1.Communication transmission cable

    2.Fixed capacitor


    4.Support line or lead-in of cathode ray tube grid of electron tube

    5.Bulb, fluorescent lamp, lead wire for shielding beam sphere

    6.Support wire for tungsten wire in bulb

Packaging of Nickel-plated Steel Wire:

1.The mono-filament and its winch are supplied in plates, and then packed and delivered in boxes after proper packaging film. The small size disc is fixed by custom foam, and the large size plastic rubber disk or iton disk is fixed by custom wooden frame.


2.The mono-filament and its strand are evenly wound on the wire shaft, the wire arrangemenrt is not pressed, the wire head is fixed, and the outermost side of the wire is kept at a certain distance from the edge of the disk, so as to avoid collision in the course of transportation.

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