Stainless Steel Strip

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt

    Grade: 301, 304, 316 etc


    Thickness: 0.1mm~3.0mm


    Length: custom

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading stainless steel conveyor belt supplier and manufacturer.

It can be used as high temperature resistant, burning resistant conveyor belt, electronic scale belt, tear resistant conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant oil conveyor belt, etc.

Application range

1, food biscuit industry: mesh belt, cooling sprayer mesh belt, flat bending machine mesh belt, chocolate coating machine B-shaped mesh belt at the same time producing biscuit machinery, egg-feeding machine B-type mesh belt and meat feeding B-type mesh belt, Imported machine ultra-thin energy-saving mesh belt.

2, instant noodles and rice noodle industry; steamed mesh belt, frying box, drying hanging box, wire cutter, knife comb, face knife, face comb, support shaft, forming box and so on.

3, all kinds of quick-frozen food, vegetable dewatering line equipment with stainless steel flat top chain. Chip conveyor chain. Conveyor chain, mesh belt, fulcrum, etc.

4, glass products industry: glass annealing furnace mesh belt, baking furnace mesh belt, bottle conveyor belt, mosaic mesh belt, specifications are crankshaft type, straight shaft type, diamond shape, double helix type.

5, the manufacture and manufacture of various chain plate turning machines, mesh belt conveyors and metal mesh chain belts.

If you want to know more about our stainless steel conveyor belt products or price please feel free to contact us,we will reply you within 24 hours.

Surface treatment of Stainless Steel Belt:
 A variety of coatings may be provided on request to meet different application requirement.coating, plating and gluing. Among which the method used widely is Teflon coating. There are many advantage for Teflon coating, such as temperature resistant(-193ºC- 216 ºC longtime performance, 320 ºC short period of time),chemical resisitant,corrosion resisitant,wear assistant,anti-adhesion,anti-static, insulation, excellent lubrication etc., to improve the service life of stainless steel belt effectively.  

Packaging Information of Stainless Steel Belt:
Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information. 
1)Shanghai Metal Standard
To meet the entirety of our customers business needs, Shanghai Metal offers its services as a “One-Stop Shop” for business services including Purchasing, Value-Added Manufacturing, Packaging/Labeling, and Delivery. SMC prides itself on achieving superior results and satisfying customer needs. In this, we earnestly strive to fulfill our role as trustworthy and reliable supplier of business services throughout the entire world. 
Our Value-Added Manufacturing Services not only save our customer time from having to out-source, but also spare them the cost of dealing with several disparate shops and deadlines. 

Applications of Stainless Steel Belt:

● Hot-sealpacking (for food, toothpaste, detergent, beverage, plastic bag sealing etc.) 

● Anti-static conveying (for material, food, Hardware, electronic, semiconductor, glass, medical devices etc.) 

● High planeness in surface to ensure the homogeneity of particles and slice state material Can be used in the granulation, refrigeration, powder, flaker which need the curing process. 

● Film coating (polyimide film, rubber belt, resin etc.) 

● Used in belt freezing machine, heat dryer, instant freezer, and disintegrator, such as quick freezing and dry in the food industry. 

● Used in double steel belt press,such as for Artificialslabs, laminated board, combinations etc. 

● Rubber tyre industry (used in drum-type vulcanizing press, rubber mat, plastic board etc.) 

● Used in the food, healthcare, dust free industry, such as chocolate, fruit and vegetable, meat products, sea food and medical etc. 

● Power transmission of precise paper-feeding rollers inside printing machines 

● Laminating process,such as used in battery,etc.

● Band saw for diamond

● Coating production line


Q: Are you a trade company or manufacturer?

A: We’re a manufacturer. We can do more processings like polished, round edge etc. after slitting.

Q: Can you provide free sample?

A: Yes, we can if there’re some in stock.

Q: Where is your raw material from?


Q: What’s your range of slitting width?

A: It depends on thickness of stainless steel strip. Regularly the max. slitting width is 650mm and the min. is 5mm or less.

Q: What’s your standard package?

A: Our standard package is waterproof paper with wraps, packed on a pallet or in a wooden package if it’s small coil.

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