Stainless Steel Fitting

Stainless Steel Gasket

    Types: Ring Type Joints, Lens Rings, Weld Rings, Solid Metal Gaskets. 

    Grade:304,304L, 316L, 316etc.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading stainless steel gasket manufacturer and supplier.

Stainless steel gaskets are usually made of sheet-shaped gaskets, long-shaped gaskets, adjusting gaskets or circular-shaped sheets. They have precise thickness tolerance, no burr, high precision, strong pulling force, good finish and toughness. It is not easy to break.

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Details of stainless steel gasket:

Gaskets are materials of material combinations specially designed for fitting between two flanges in order to create a level of tightness which can :

Prevent leakage of medium between the mating surface;

Prevent the ingress of dust, dirt,liquid of foreign matter between the mating surfaces;

Retain a pressure or vacuum within the sealed assembly ;

Serve a combination of these purposes.

Technical Information of Stainless Steel Gasket:

Raw Material----Cutting----Heating----Forging----Heat treatment----lathe it----Inspection 


Packaging of Stainless Steel Gasket:

More of Stainless Steel Gasket:

Why Gaskets are Used?

Gaskets are used to create a static seal between two stationary members of a mechanical 

assembly and to maintain that seal under operating conditions, which may vary dependent 

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