Curtain Wall System

Standard Unitized Curtain Wall System

    Material: Glass

    Glass color: bronze, blue green, colorful pictures, etc

    Quality control: AS2047, CE, SONCAP, etc

    Standard: BS476, EN1634, etc

Product Detail


1.Gas Filling: Dry air, Argon 
2.Sealant: butyl rubber sealant with polysulfide sealant or structural silicone based Sealant 
3.Insulated Glass can be randomly combined by transparent glass, tinted glass, tempered


1、inside packing: Thick paper and polyfoam for first protection.

2、outside packing: wooden shelf for the second protection.

Our products is fully designed to international standard like AAMA,ASTM,EN,BS,AS,CANS.etc and is being tested according to Australian Standard AS4284. For more technical information about our products , please contact Shanghai Metal for further information. 


Also can be as your request.

Aesthetic Features:

1.4-side structural glazed,SSG System 

2.2-side horizontal glazed, SSG System 

3.2-side vertical glazed, SSG System 

4.4-side captured System. 

5.Optional for various design of capping, architectural feature and sun shading.

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