Copper & Brass Bar/Rod

Tellurium Copper Bar

    Grade: C14500


    Chemical: Cu 99.2%, Te 0.4-0.7%, P 0.004-0.012%

    OD: 6-120mm

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading tellurium copper bar manufacturer and supplier.

Tellurium bronze is a high-conductivity free-cutting copper alloy material successfully developed by the United States in the 1960s according to its industrial development requirements to fill the gap in copper alloy compact processing materials. The tellurium-copper alloy material has both excellent cutting performance and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and at the same time has corrosion resistance and electrical ablation resistance, good cold and hot processing performance, and can be forged, cast, extruded, drawn, and punched Molded.

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  • 1) Grade:C14500

    2) Diameter: 6mm - 120mm

    3) Shapes:Round,Square,Hexagon

    4) Tensile strength MPa: ≥350

    5) Hardness HV: 120



  • 1) Excellent cutting performance

    2) Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity

    3) Corrosion resistance

    4) Better cold and hot processing performance

  • 1) Material Melting

    2) Casting

    3) Extruding

    4) Drawing

    5) Straightening

    6) Annealing

  • 1) Precision electronic and electrical components

    2) Advanced electromechanical parts

    3) Forgings and thread cutting parts

    4) Motor and switch parts

    5) Plumbing fittings

    6) Electrical contacts

    7) Advanced welding nozzle

  • 1) Hardness

    2) Tensile Strength

    3) Elongation

    4) Metal-Detector

    5) Conductivity

    6) Chemical Content

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