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Thermal Protector

    Components: shell, moving piece, bimetallic piece, fixed piece, contact, silver piece holder, etc


    Optional: KSD Thermal Protector, 17AM Thermal Protector, BR Thermal Protector 6AP/3MP Thermal Protector, etc


    Operating temperature: 15-140 ℃

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of thermal protector with high quality and reasonable price.

A thermal protector is a type of sensitive reaction element that uses a fixed temperature bimetallic sheet. When the temperature or current increases, the heat generated is transferred to the bimetallic sheet. When the temperature reaches the rated operating temperature of the product, the bimetallic sheet quickly acts, and the contact opens, cutting off the power supply, thereby providing protection. When the temperature drops to the rated reset temperature of the product, the bimetallic sheet quickly recovers, causing the contacts to close, connecting the circuit, and cycling.

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  • 1. Small size
    2. long usage period
    3. high reliability 
    4. prevent excessive motor temperature 
    5. reducing the damage of the motor

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