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Nylon Filaments

    Material: PA1010,PA56,PHA,PET,PP,PS,PA6,PBT,PA66,PA610,PA612

    Color: customized according to customer requirements or with reference to international coding number

    Specifications: 0.08-3.0mm,0.08-4.0mm,0.07-3.0mm,0.05-3.0mm

Product Detail

We provide various materials of Nylon Filaments. PA1010, PA56, PHA are degradable Nylon Filaments material.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection among people, how to reduce carbon emissions, solve global warming, environmental pollution and other issues has attracted widespread attention from society!Our company actively responds to the national call and provides green solutions for global low-carbon development. We have developed environmentally friendly and low-carbon bio based biodegradable Nylon Filaments. Compared to traditional nylon Nylon Filaments, bio based Nylon Filaments are a resource renewable, superior in performance, and more sustainable bio based biodegradable Nylon Filaments. Due to the fact that the original resin is composed of some bio based and some petrochemical based raw materials, the degradation ratio is between 40-65%. PHA Nylon Filaments is a fully biodegradable Nylon Filaments, which is a general term for polyhydroxyfatty acid lipid materials. The biomass content is as high as 100%,with excellent biodegradability. It does not require composting and can be decomposed by microorganisms in natural environments (seawater, soil,etc.),ultimately decomposing into H2O and CO2. The fully degradable Nylon Filaments has a degradation ratio of>90%,a high thermal deformation temperature, good toughness, excellent mechanical properties,and biocompatibility. lt is safe to come into contact with food and is the best fully biodegradable material to replace PA and PET.

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