Rare Metal(Indium,Nickel,Molybdenum,etc.)

Tungsten and Molybdenum Spot Welding Head

    Material: Tungsten and molybdenum

    Grade: W1, MO1, WLa15, MoLa15

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading tungsten and molybdenum spot welding head supplier and manufacturer.

Copper wires, copper sheets, copper lugs and copper foils are widely used in motors and motors. Because copper has very high electrical conductivity and excellent thermal conductivity, resistance spot welding of copper lug terminals is not an easy job. However, traditional tin solder joints cannot obtain high-quality solder joint tensile strength requirements due to temperature resistance and bonding strength. Spot welding copper wire has become an inevitable choice. For high-current motors and motors, the bond strength at the junction is the primary guarantee for product yield. In contrast, resistance spot welding is currently a more feasible combination of copper and copper wires. The texture of pure molybdenum is softer than pure tungsten, and its toughness is better than tungsten materials, so it is easier to process.

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  • 1) Grade: W1, MO1, WLa15, MoLa15

    2) Shape: plane, bevel, V-shape, spherical shape, according to customer requirements directly processed into finished products

  • 1) high wear resistance

    2) high melting point

    3) good mechanical processing

    4) corrosion resistance, low expansion

    5) ultra-high strength and stiffness at high temperatures

    6) excellent thermal conductivity

  • 1.Weld enameled wire

    2.Weld metal raw material for bare wire

  • 1) life test

    2) Dimension

    3) Appearance testing

    4) Leakage testing

    5) If you have some specific test we also can do it for you.

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