Form: cylindrical, elliptical, pointed, spherical

    Type: Tungsten

    Shank Material: Carbide

    Country of Origin: China

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading tungsten carbide burs supplier and manufacturer.

Common tungsten steel grinding head forms include cylinder, elliptic Bai, tip and ball. Compared with traditional tool DU, this kind of product has many advantages. For example, Zhi said that it can process all kinds of metals and nonmetals, and the machining hardness is up to HRC70. The product processing quality is good, the finish is high, can process the high precision each kind of shape mold cavity.

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  • 1) cylindrical

    2) elliptical

    3) pointed

    4) spherical

  • 1) Highh hardness

    2) good processing quality

    3) high finish

    4) convenient to use, safe and reliable

    5) reduce labor intensity and improve working environment

    6) improve economic efficiency

  • 1.electric drive tools

    2.process various metals and non-metals

    3.produce various high-precision mold cavity

    4.replace the small grinding wheel

    5.process cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals

  • 1) life test

    2) Dimension

    3) Appearance testing

    4) Leakage testing

    5) If you have some specific test we also can do it for you.

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