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Wire Thread Insert

    Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy Copper, Steel

    Size: M2-M36

    Finish: Plain, Passivation, Nickel Plated, Zinc plated, etc.

Product Detail

Wire thread insert is a new type of threaded fastener, which is a spring-like concentric body of internal and external threads that is precisely machined from high-strength, high-precision, smooth-surfaced wire with a diamond-shaped section. Wire thread insert is helically coiled fastening devices that provide permanent, wear-resistant screw threads that exceed the strength of most parent material.

Wire thread insert has the functions of high connection strength, earthquake resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance. Wire thread insert can disperse stress to protect the base thread and greatly extend the service life of the substrate. In addition, wire thread insert is made from a range of materials and with various coatings to suit virtually any type of equipment manufacturing.

  • 1. Eliminates thread failure due to stripping, vibration, fatigue, corrosion, or seizing.

    2. Prevents thread wear, even after repeated disassembly and reassembly.

    3. Greatly increases thread strength under all operating conditions.

    4. Leak-proof joints when used with thread sealant and recommended torque.

    5. Savings in material, weight, and space, as minimum size bosses and flanges are permissible.

    6. Allows the use of light materials instead of ferrous castings, because connections will be protected by the inserts.

  • Wire thread insert is widely used in machinery, ships, automobiles, high-speed rail, military industry, high-end machinery and equipment, electronics, medical and other fields. Wire thread insert is designed to protect tapped holes against failures due to stripping, seizing, corrosion, and wear. In addition, wire threaded insert can also be used as a restoration method when the threads on the original matrix are tripped or disordered, without causing the entire matrix to be scrapped, and the maintenance is convenient, fast and economical.

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