Stainless Steel Strip

Woodcutting TCT Bandsaw Blade

    Blade Material: Tungsten Carbide Steel


    Tooth Material: Tungsten Carbide

Specification of Woodcutting TCT Bansaw Blade:


Woodcutting TCT bansaw blade performs exceptionally in cutting wooden. It holds the advantage of high speed, extended life, high wear and fatigue resistance, its ability to perform high speed straight line cutting will bring massive improvement to your workpiece quality and efficiency. This kind of bandsaw blade is also suitable for cutting purposes of all kinds of soft wood, oak, maple, walnut and other hard wood processed in furniture factory and workshops.

Available tooth type:

To cut different wood, 

we offer two tooth shape for your choice.

Packaging of Woodcutting TCT Bansaw Blade:

Suitable for long distance sea/air freight, transportation and change of climate, well protected against moisture, shock and rust.

Features of Woodcutting TCT Bansaw Blade:

1. Tungsten Carbide tooth tip, with extreme hardness and wear resistance.

2. Exceptional performance for hard wood cutting.

3. Special tooth set structure made for best sawdust removal effect.

4. High quality blade's back material creats high fracture toughness.


Advantages of Woodcutting TCT Bansaw Blade:

1. Has a particularly good corrosion resistance

2. Excellent oxidation resistance

3. High abrasion resistance, superior toughness

4. Suitable for 95% of wood sawing market, especially for oak (20-24 hours), ash (20-24 hours), teak (20-24 hours), acacia (10-16 hours) of red sandalwood (10-15 hours), 2 to 3 times work time to ordinary saw blade.

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