Heating System

Air Preheater

    Material: Carbon steel or equivalent


    Tube: OD Customized 


    Enamel Thickness: 0.34+/-0.06mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Air Preheater with high quality and reasonable price.

Taking rotary air preheater as an example, the principle of air preheater is illustrated. The rotary air preheater rotates slowly when it works. The smoke will enter the smoke side of the air preheater and then be discharged. The heat carrried in the smoke will be absorbed by the radiator in the air preheater. After that, the air preheater rotates slowly, and the radiator moves to the air side, then the heat wil be transferred to the air before entering the boiler.

The air preheater applied in the boiler is mostly three-compartment type with fire alarm system, clearance adjustment system and frequency conversion control system. The air preheater is widely used in flue gas boiler system because of its convenient use, simple operation and safe operation, and can improve the heat exchange performance of the boiler system.

Manufacturing process Material→Ingot → Hot/Cold-Rolling→ Heat treatment(Normalizing+ tempering) → Inspection→Cutting→Pipe piercing→welding→Sealing test→Painting→Packaging

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Technical Information of Air Preheater:


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