Aluminum Wire

Aluminum Flat Wire

    Material: 1050, 1070, 1350, 1370 etc.


    Standard: GB5584.3-2009 

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Aluminum Flat Wire is made of oil-free round aluminum rod which is extruded through the doe by different sprcification, Aluminum flat wire can be used as a finished product, Can also be an intermediate product, widely used in motors, transformers, welding machines, and other similar equipment.

If you want to know more about our Aluminum Flat wire or other aluminum product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Apart from aluminum flat wire, We also supply Enameled Aluminum Wire, Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Wire (Al-Mg Alloy Wire) and aluminum cable wire.

Technical Information of Aluminum Flat Wire:

●Production range:                                   

Production range:4mm2-350 mm2

Narrow side a:0.7mm—10mm

Wide side b:3.0mm—38mm


If the specifications beyond the above range, please contact us

●Raw Material:

The resistivity of aluminum flat wire can not be more than 0.028010Ωmm2 / m in 20 ℃.


●Aluminum flat wire narrow side a and wide b size shall comply with the following table 


●Aluminum flat wire narrow side a and wide b size shall comply with the following table


●R angle of aluminum flat wire shall comply with the following table

Packaging of Aluminum Flat Wire:

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