Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil for Electronic Power Capacitor

    Grade: 1235, 1145

    Temper: O

    Thickness: 0.0045-0.03mm, mainly 0.005-0.006mm


    Width: 35-1700mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading aluminium foil for electronic power capacitor manufacturer and supplier.

Aluminium foil for capacitor is widely used in capacitor industry. This application of aluminum foil employs not only its good electrical conductivity but also its oxide coating, specially formed (anodized) to make a superior dielectric layer between the two conductors. The dielectric constant of aluminum oxide is higher than that of waxed paper and many other dielectric materials, therefore it can store more electrons per unit of area.

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  • The oxide dielectric plate, which determines the size of a given capacitor, does not have to be as large as a paper dielectric "plate" for an equal capacity. Further, the oxide film, even a "thick" one, is thinner than the thinnest tissue paper. This thin film of aluminum oxide reduces the bulk of the capacitor; but more important, its thinness also increases the capacitance per unit of area. Another advantage of aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors is that the foil is readily etched. This is important because etching greatly increases the true surface area which, when anodized, results in a far larger dielectric plate capacity.

  • 1.Capacitors


  • 1. Low Density

    2. High Specific Surface Area

    3. High conductivity

Technical Infomation of Capacitor Aluminum Foil


Above is for normal technical standard, other special specifications can be negotiated according to customer’s requirement.


Chemical Elements:


Mechanical Properties:

Package of Capacitor Aluminum Foil:

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