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    Coated area density: 0.02g/㎡-5g/㎡

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil manufacturer and supplier.

Carbon coated aluminum foil, also called Conductive coated aluminum foil refers to the upper and lower two layers of high-purity rolled aluminum foil with a thickness of less than 50um, uniformly coated with a layer of conductive materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, conductive carbon black, conductive graphite and special adhesives Consists of conductive coating composite products. This product is mainly used in the positive current collector of lithium ion batteries and bipolar plates of super capacitors (EDLC). Because this product is used in the core of the lithium battery, it puts forward many demanding requirements on this product. For example, it can maintain long-term electrochemical stability at a higher voltage platform, can withstand long-term immersion of electrolyte, and can It has excellent surface contact ability, can provide excellent interface conductivity, can withstand the stress damage generated during the long-term cycle of the battery, etc.

The application of conductive coated aluminum foil can improve the peeling force of the positive pole piece of the lithium ion battery, thereby improving the battery cycle life, reducing the internal resistance of the battery, improving the charge and discharge rate of the battery, improving the charge and discharge capacity of the battery in a low temperature environment, and improving the battery In the production process, the through rate and the power of the composition make a significant contribution to the reduction of the overall cost of battery manufacturing. In addition, the application of conductive coating aluminum foil can also provide a great help in the important indicator of "battery performance consistency" in the production process of power batteries.

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  • Mobile phone or electric locomotive battery

  • ·Significantly reduce the battery cost and extend the battery life

    ·Improve the adhesion between the active material and the current collector, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the pole piece

    ·The adhesion is significantly improved

    ·Reduce polarization, increase magnification and gram capacity, and improve battery performance

    ·Protect the current collector and extend the service life of the battery

Technical Information of Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil:

Double side coating with 1-micron thickness each side
Density: 0.5 g/m2
Surface resistivity:  < 30 ohms per 25um²
Binder: Modified acrylate adhesive (water based)
The substrate of Aluminum Foil
Purity > 99.9%
Thickness: 16 micron
Package for sales:  1.0 kg/roll 
Coated width: 200mm
Total Width: 260 mm cathode substrate
Total Thickness: 18 um
Length:  about 80 meters  ( packing based on weight )
Shipped in the vacuum bag

Packaging of Carbon Coated Aluminum Foil: 

Foam cotton inside, standard export wooden case outside

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