Carbon Alloy Steel

Circular Saw Blade

    Saw body: High quality steel plate


    Teeth: Teeth number could be adjusted upon request

Apply to cut and crosscut all kinds of soft wood, hard wood and density fiberboard, multilayer board, shaving board and so on.


Good cutting quality ,higher wearing resistance and longer use lifetime.
1. Material of Teeth: Micro Grained Tungsten Carbide Tips supplied from the worlds most advanced tungsten manufacturers ;
2. Material of Saw Body:  Ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates for true run; 
3. Expansion Slot: Laser Cut Expansion Slots allow blade to expand and contact during heated operation;
4. Noise Reduction Slots: Laser Cut Resin filled noise reduction slots on low noise blades;
5. Precision Tensioned Saw Bodies ensure distortion free cutting throughout the life of the blades.
Technology conducted by German expert, quality up to the standard of German DIN54, DIN8033.


1. Saw body: High quality steel plate.
2. CNC machining with good finish edge.
3. Carbide tip:CERATIZIT, Luxemburg, KCR05/06
4. Different quality grade choose.
5. Artwork design service.
6. Teeth: Teeth number could be adjusted upon request. 
7. Hook angle: could be adjusted upon request.
8. Tooth Model: Left & Right side bevel teeth, alternate top bevel teeth, trapeziform-flat teeth, flat teeth.

Processing and Packaging:

Circular saw blade

Carbide tipped cutting teeth, bright polished surface, shot blasted.

Wood cutting steel blade
The SMC Brand wood cutting steel blade are very sharp and durable, realizing smooth and fast cutting. They have been widely used in cutting of timber, laminated wood etc.
Steel tube saw blade
Suitable for cutting stainless steel tube, aluminum alloy tube etc.
Diamond teeth-shape cutter

Suitable for cutting jade stone etc.

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