Material: Cu, CuCrZr

    Grade: C1220, C18150

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading contact mouth supplier and manufacturer.

The submerged arc welding machine uses a large current when it is working, and the electric field intensity of the arc is high. Therefore, the material for making the contact tip requires good conductivity, good wear resistance and high melting point. Submerged arc contact nozzles play an important role in the use of submerged arc welding machines. At present, the copper or chromium-zirconium-copper contact tips widely used in factories are generally not wear-resistant, and they are easy to adhere and splash during the welding process, block the welding nozzle, or bond the welding wire and the contact tip, causing the contact tip to be scrapped. In some important occasions, the contact tip is easily worn out and frequent replacement will affect the welding quality and reduce the production efficiency.

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  • 1) Grade: C1220, C18150

    2) Inner hole shape: round, oval, triangle, square

  • 1) The inner hole and outer surface are clean and spotless

    2) Ultra-high hardness

    3) Long service life

    4) Suitable for various types of manual welding gun, semi-automatic welding gun

  • 1.Weld long welds of medium - thick plate structure

    2.Shipbuilding industry

    3.Boilers and pressure vessels

    4.Nuclear power plant structure

    5.Marine structures

  • 1) life test

    2) Dimension

    3) Appearance testing

    4) Leakage testing

    5) If you have some specific test we also can do it for you.

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