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Copper Aluminum Eutectic Row

    Original material: Aluminum and copper

    GradeAL-1006 and Co-T2

    Production methodSolid-liquid casting and rolling composite

    TypeSingle side or double side

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional research and development and manufacturing of Copper aluminum eutectic row.

There are generally two traditional composite methods: Rolling composite method,Explosive composite method. Advantages of our company's copper-aluminum eutectic row process: We use a unique casting-rolling composite forming technology. To simultaneously introduce the solid copper plate into the copper strip during the conversion process of the aluminum liquid from liquid phase to solid phase. Through the high-temperature and high-pressure rolling of the casting roller, the atoms at the interface of the two metals jointly penetrate into the bond. The product is then cold rolled and annealed to form a unique copper-aluminum eutectic material.

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Our average thickness of Copper-clad-Aluminum interface layer is 380nm, the eutectic layer materials are Al2Cu and Al4Cu9. It realizes the metallurgical bonding between copper and aluminum, and also ensure the bonding strength between copper and aluminum. The issue of high resistivity in the transition layer is solved and there’s no burr, opening or stripping during the process of bending, drilling and punching.

The issue of high resistivity in the transition layer is solved and there’s no burr, opening or stripping during the process of bending, drilling and punching.  

Specification Parameters:

Tensile Strength>136-190MPa

Peeling Strength>128-148MPa

Shear Strength>63.6MPa


No cracks after 90°bending

Thickness of the eutectic layer 300-500nm

DC Resistivity≤0.02350Ωmm²/m


Carrying capacity same as pure copper

Technical Benchmarking


Industry standards/National standards

SMC standard


Product name

Copper aluminum composite row (copper aluminum row)

Copper Aluminum Eutectic Row


Tensile strength
 (room temperature 20% copper)




Interface peel strength




Shear strength




20°DC resistivity









After the wide edge bending test of the copper aluminum composite busbar, the low magnification structure near the interface of the bent part of the product has no holes, and the product should not show cracks and bubbles.

Bending angle 90 ° without cracks


All indicators of the copper-aluminum eutectic row produced by our company are better than industry and national standards, especially the peeling strength is more than ten times higher than the national standard.


Typically packaged securely to prevent damage during transportation and storage. Common packaging materials include carbon box, wooden box, or custom packaging to accommodate the specific dimensions and quantity ordered.

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