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      Category: Gas, Liquid

      Model: Daikin branch pipe, Gree branch pipe, Hitachi branch pipe

              Midea branch pipe, Toshiba branch pipe

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading branch pipe supplier and manufacturer.

The branch pipe is a pipe with one input but multiple outputs. Mainly used in the pipeline installation of the central air-conditioning VRV system. Its role is to divert the refrigerant in the pipeline to the indoor unit in the central air-conditioning multi-line installation system, playing a role of diversion.

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  • 1. Category: Gas, Liquid

    2. Model: Daikin branch pipe

               Gree branch pipe

               Hitachi branch pipe

               Midea branch pipe

               Toshiba branch pipe

    (Detailed information is in Technical Information)

  • 1. Environmental protection

    2. Good cooling effect

    3. Strong pressure bearing capacity

    4. No impurities, no black spots

  • It is mainly used for the installation of commercial and domestic central air-conditioning (VRV multi-line), connecting the host and multiple terminal equipment (evaporator) connecting pipe, divided into gas pipe and liquid pipe. The gas pipe is generally larger in diameter than the liquid pipe; the refrigerant passes through the expansion valve or capillary tube throttling, and then connects to the liquid pipe of the branch pipe after coming out of the main engine. The refrigerant passes through the liquid pipe to separate the other branch pipes and the end evaporator; The refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs heat into gas and then flows back to the compressor of the main engine through the air pipe.

Specification model:


The inlet and outlet of the branch pipe are composed of multi-section copper pipes with reduced diameter, which increases the flexibility of selection. Common manifold types include Gree, Daikin, Hitachi, Haier, Mitsubishi, Midea, Toshiba, etc. The specific specifications of each type of manifold are as follows:

1. Daikin central air conditioning branch pipe model:

R22 refrigerant-11T, 18T, 37T, 40T, 75T, 76T, 90C (outside machine), 135C (outside machine)

R410 refrigerant-22T, 33T, 72T, 73T, 90C (outside machine), 135C (outside machine)

2. Midea central air-conditioning branch pipe model:

MDV-BY51, MDV-BY101, MDV-BY102, MDV-BY103, MDV-BY104, MDV-BY105



3. Hitachi central air-conditioning branch pipe model:

R22 refrigerant-E-52S, E-102S, E-152S, E-162S, E-202S, E-242S, E-302S

R410 refrigerant-E-102SN, E-162SN, E-242SN, E-302SN

4. Toshiba central air-conditioning branch pipe model:

R410 refrigerant-RBM-BY53, RBM-BY103, RBM-BY203, RBM-BY303, RBM-BT13E (outside machine)

New R410 refrigerant----RBM-55E, RBM-105E, RBM-205E, RBM-305E, BT14E (outside machine), BT24E (outside machine)

5. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning branch pipe model:

R410 refrigerant-DIS22-1, DIS180-1, DIS371-1, DIS540-1, DOS2A-1

6. Haier branch pipe model:

FQG-120, FQG-180, FQG-370, FQG-700

7. Gree branch pipe model:

FQ01A, FQ01B, FQ01, FQ02, FQ03, FQ04




1. Before installation: Before installation, check whether the diameter of the copper pipe is the same as the diameter of the required branch pipe. If the size is different, use a cutter to divide the different parts.

2. Placement: When installing the branch pipe, try to place the branch pipe vertically or horizontally. When placed horizontally, the inclination is within 15° of soil. After placing it correctly, fill with nitrogen for welding.

3. Matters needing attention: For the branch pipe multi-channel system, each pipe is labeled to make the connecting pipe after the branch correspond to the indoor unit to prevent wrong connection.

4. Purge: Purge is to use nitrogen pressure to remove impurities in the tube. (Mainly dust, moisture, oxide caused by welding, etc.) 

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