Precision Alloy

Elastic Alloy

    Material grade: UNS R30003,3J21,Phynox, W.Nr 2.4711


    Forms available: Strip, wire, bar, rod

Products detail:
Elgiloy (Co-Cr-Ni Alloy) is a  "super-alloy" consisting of 39-41% Cobalt, 19-21% Chromium, 14-16%  Nickel, 11.3-20.5% Iron, 6-8% Molybdenum, and 1.5-2.5% Manganese.
Elgiloy alloy was originally developed  for the manufacture of watches, and is applied in aerospace, oil, natural  gas, medical and clinical equipment and other high-tech fields and key parts because  of its excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and long service  life. The alloy has high corrosion resistance and low relaxation stress at  the height of 600 F.


AMS 5833
AMS 5834
AMS 5876
ASTM F1058
ISO 5832-7
ISO 15156-3
Material grade: 
UNS R30003,3J21,Phynox, W.Nr 2.4711

Forms available at A-one Alloy: Strip, wire, bar, rod

Chemical Composition:



Combination of high strength, ductility and good  mechanical properties at ambient temperatures

Excellent fatigue life

Excellent corrosion resistance in numerous environments

Non magnetic

Age hardenable (Spring Temper only)

Good for sea water applications


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