Precision Alloy

Expansion Alloy

    Standards: ASTM F 1684-06


    Equal grades: Invar 36, NILO 36, Pernifer 36, 4J36, EN  1.3912, UNS K93600, UNS K93603, Werkstoff 1.3912

Products detail:
Super Invar, a magnetic, austenitic, solid solution  alloy containing iron, nickel, and cobalt, is designed to provide minimum  thermal expansion at room temperatures. This alloy also exhibits austenite  stability to service temperature at least -67°F and thermal expansion  properties less than those of Invar 36 alloy (36% nickel-iron) when used in  the -67/203°F (-55/95°C) temperature range.
Equal grades:
Invar 36, NILO 36, Pernifer 36, 4J36, EN  1.3912, UNS K93600, UNS K93603, Werkstoff 1.3912
ASTM F 1684-06
Forms available:
Sheet, strip, wire, rod, bar, tube, capillary

Chemical  composition:

Ni=35.0~37.0, Fe=Remainder, Mo≤0.50, C≤0.1, Cu≤0.5, Mn≤0.60,  Si≤0.35, P≤0.025, S≤0.025, Cr≤0.5


Low expansion rate up to 500°F

Readily weldable


Optical instruments


Laser instruments and equipment

Ring laser gyroscopes

Laser benches

Positioning devices

Metrology devices

Scientific instruments

Structural components and supports for optical and  laser systems

Applications that require lower expansivity than Invar


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