Copper & Brass Coil / Strip/ Tape

Lead Frame Copper Strip

    Grade: C1921, C1940, C19210, C19400, TFe0.1, TFe2.5 


    Thickness: 0.10mm - 3.00mm


    Width: 20mm - 600mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Lead Frame Copper Strip manufacturer and supplier.

Copper alloys for lead frames are roughly classified into copper-iron, copper-nickel-silicon, copper-chromium, copper-nickel-tin (JK--2 alloy), etc., ternary, quaternary and other multi-component copper alloys. It can achieve better performance than traditional binary alloys, lower cost, copper-iron alloy with the most grades, good mechanical strength, stress relaxation resistance and low creep, is a good kind of lead Frame material. Due to the needs of lead frame fabrication and packaging applications, in addition to high strength and high thermal conductivity, the material is required to have good brazing performance, process performance, etching performance, oxide film bonding performance and the like.

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  • 1) Grade: C1921, C1940, C19210, C19400, TFe0.1, TFe2.5

    2) Thickness: 0.10mm - 3.00mm

    3) Width: 20mm - 600mm

    4) Temper: O, 1/4H, 1/2H, H

    5)  Electric Conductivity at 20℃: >60%

Manufacturing of Lead Frame Copper Strip

Packaging of Lead Frame Copper Strip

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization


Our Service

To meet the entirety of our customers business needs, Shanghai Metal offers its services as a “One-Stop Shop” for business services including Purchasing, Value-Added Manufacturing, Packaging/Labeling, and Delivery. Shanghai Metal prides itself on achieving superior results and satisfying customer needs. In this, we earnestly strive to fulfill our role as trustworthy and reliable supplier of business services throughout the entire world.

Our Value-Added Manufacturing Services not only save our customer time from having to out-source, but also spare them the cost of dealing with several disparate shops and deadlines. 

Applications of Lead Frame Copper Strip:

1) Lead Frames

2) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Commutators

3) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Integrated circuit lead frame

4) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Traction Motors

5) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Connectors

6) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Earthening

7) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Electrical Components

8) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Switchgear Products

9) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Railway Electrification

10) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Panel Boards

11) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Power Transformers

12) Lead Frame Copper Strip for Building & Constructions, etc.

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