Material:No.1 electrolytic lead


      Purity:99.99% pure lead

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading lead wire supplier and manufacturer.

The lead wire has high density and good radiation protection performance. The mold we use to make the lead wire is made of precise slow-moving wire processing. The material is made of precious metal tungsten steel. The lead wire produced in this way is smooth and bright, with low density and good softness.

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  • 1. Material: No. 1 electrolytic lead

    2. Purity: 99.99% pure lead

    3. Product performance: corrosion resistance / acid and alkali resistance / radiation protection

    4. Applicable sites: fuses, fishing counterweights, cable sheaths, precision instruments, etc.

    5. Diameter: 0.3mm-18mm, can be customized

  • 1. Excellent material: 99.99% high purity lead rod is used. High purity, acid and alkali resistance, longer use time.

    2. Smooth surface: The advanced production equipment opens the mold to extrude, stretch and form, without bubbles and impurities inside, and the surface is smooth.

    3. Good flexibility: Lead has high density, good radiation resistance and soft texture.

  • 1. Fishing weight

    2. Cable sheath

    3. Industrial fuses

    4. Precision instrument

    5. Lead battery

    6. Lead gate

Common size:

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