Thickness: 8~20mm

      Width: 620 to 1120mm

      Length: 620 to 2200m

      Apparent density: 1.14g/cm3

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading MC Nylon sheet manufacturer and supplier.

MC Nylon,means Monomer Casting Nylon, is a kind of engineering plastics used in comprehensive industries, has been applied almost every industrial field.The caprolactam monomer is first melted, and added catalyst, then poured it inside moulds at atmosphere pressure so as to shape in different castings, such as: rod, plate, tube. The molecule weight of MC Nylon can reach 70,000-100,000/mol, three times than PA6/PA66. Its mechanical properties are much higher than other nylon materials, such as: PA6/PA66. MC Nylon plays a more and more important role in the material list recommended by our country.

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  • 1. Thickness: 8~200mm

    2. Width: 620~1120mm

    3. Length:620~2200m

    4. Density:1.14g/cm³

  • 1. High strength and stiffness

    2. High impact and notch impact strength

    3. High heat deflection temperature

    4. Good at dampening

    5. Good chemical stability against organic solvents and fuels

  • Food Processing; Food Packaging; Filling Machinery; Transport Equipment; Mechanical Parts; Electronics industry; Robot Industry; Medical Instruments etc

Packaging of MC Nylon Sheet:

Wooden box:

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