High Carbon, Special Steel

Powder Metallurgy Steel

    Technique: Spray Forming


    Material: High Speed Steel, Die Steel, Stainless Steel


    Form: Power, Round Bar, Flat Bar, Die Block

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Powder Metallurgy Steel with high quality and reasonable price.

Compared with traditional steel, powder metallurgy steel has the advantages of long life, good grindability, good toughness, good isotropy and good heat treatment performance. Using powder metallurgy to produce high performance steel and new materials has become one of the important development directions to improve the performance.

Spray Forming is one of the molding methods of powder metallurgy. It is a new technology which integrates metal melting, liquid metal atomization, rapid solidification and jet deposition forming into metal products in a metallurgical operation process. This technology sets the advantages of high efficiency, high quality and low cost, and has a strong competitiveness in the field of high-end products. After nearly ten years of development, spray forming has been became very mature, completely eliminate the early quality defects.

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