Length : 100mm-200mm

      Connection form of joint : single wedge, double wedge, flat


Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Pure lead bricks manufacturer and supplier.

Lead bricks refers to a bricks with metal lead. It has strong anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, and is also a relatively inexpensive radiation protection material in many aspects such as acid-proof environment construction, medical radiation protection, X-ray, CT room radiation protection, aggravation and sound insulation.

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  • 1. Thickness: 50mm -100mm

    2. Length:100mm-200mm

    3. Purity: 99.99% pure lead (Further ally elements can be customized according to requirements)

  • 1. Radiation protection

    2. High proportion of counterweight

    3. Good electrolysis performance

    4. Shockproof and soft

    5. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, stable chemical properties

    6. Sound insulation

    7.Easy to disassemble and redeploy the separation wall, etc

  • 1.Radioactive radiation shielding in laboratory

    2.Isolation of harmful ionizing radiation in nuclear engineering

    3. Isolation of harmful ionizing radiation in medical industry

    4.Isolation of harmful ionizing radiation in engineering and construction industry


1. Excellent material: 99.994% lead ingot with high purity is used. The lead rod is resistant to corrosion and acid and alkali, which makes it more durable.

2. Exquisite technology: Advanced production equipment open mold, extrusion stretch molding. There are no bubbles and impurities inside the product, and the surface is smooth.

3. Complete specifications: We have all kinds of molds, which can produce lead wire and lead rod with various diameters.

4. Sample customization: We support sample customization, and can provide overall product solutions according to your use scenarios to meet your needs.

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