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Sling/Lifting Belt/Flat Sling/Round Sling

    Material : Synthenic Fiber

    Type : Flat Sling, Round Sling, Binding Belt, etc

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading sling manufacturer and supplier.

There are many types of slings including flat slings, round slings, binding belts, etc. They have various of advantages. For instances, they are soft and light, easy to use, carry and maintain; they have good chemical resistance; they can protect the object from breaking its surface when hanging it; they are non-conductive and safe in the operation; and they have long service life. Slings are widely used in hoisting, traction, bundling, fixing and other operations in mechanical processing, port handling (loading and uploading), marine engineering, ships, electric power, transportation, aerospace and other fields. Slings are more and more favored by the users and gradually replace wire rope rigging in many areas.

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  • 1. Soft and light

    2. Easy to use, carry

    3. Easy to maintain

    4. Good chemical resistance

    5. Can protect the object from breaking its surface

    6. Non-conductive and safe in the operation

  • 1) Mechanical processing

    2) Port handling (loading and uploading)

    3) Marine engineering

    4) Ships

    5) Electric power

    6) Transportation

    7) Aerospace and other fields

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