Alloy: Sn63Pb37;Sn60Pb40;Sn55Pb45;Sn50Pb50;Sn45Pb55;Sn40Pb60;Sn35Pb65;


    Melting point:183-227

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Solder wire manufacturer and supplier.

Solder wire is composed of tin alloy and additives. The alloy is divided into tin lead and lead-free additives, which are evenly poured into the middle part of the tin alloy. Different types of solder wire, additives are also different. The auxiliary part is to improve the auxiliary heat conduction of solder wire in the welding process, remove oxidation, reduce the surface tension of the material to be welded, remove oil stains on the surface of the material to be welded, and increase the welding area. The characteristic of solder wire is that it has a certain length and diameter. It can be used with electric iron or laser in the welding of electronic devices.

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  • 1. Diameter: 0.3 mm-3mm

    2. Rosin content: 1.8±0.2% (international standard ratio)

    3. Type: drug core

    4. Product composition: tin, lead and other elements

    5. Product appearance: silver white

  • 1.Good wettability, conductivity, thermal conductivity, easy to tin.

    2.The rosin content is% according to the customer's requirement, and the welding is free of spatter.

    3.The flux is evenly distributed and there is no flux breaking in the tin core.

    4. The winding is even without knotting, the tin loading speed is fast and the residue is very little.

  • 1. Heavy nonferrous metal smelting industry.

    2. Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

    3. Electronic and communication equipment manufacturing industry.

Package: Reel packaging

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