Copper & Brass Fitting

Copper Ball / Brass Ball / Copper Beads

    Material: Brass (H59, H62, H65, etc.), copper, bronze

    Diameter: 0.5mm-100mm

    Level: G200, G500

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of copper ball with high quality and reasonable price.

Because the market scope of copper balls is very small, there are few types of stock models of various manufacturers. Our company has some models in stock. Compared with the copper ball market, brass balls are the most widely used. It can be used for ornaments or industry.

Our company has accumulated a large number of customers and production experience over the years, and the copper balls have been supplied to domestic and foreign for a long time. Compared with our peers, our company has the following advantages:

1. The most complete inventory model size;

2. Any non-standard model can be customized;

3. Complete processing types, such as drilling, tapping thread, electroplating;

4. Fast delivery speed.

Chemical composition table:


Production flow:

1. Cold heading

2. Split into balls

3. Heat treatment

4. Hard grinding

5. Initial selection

6. Initial grinding

7. Cleaning

8. Final selection

9. Package

Processing parameters:


Part size of the ball:

Packaging of copper balls:

1. PE bag into the carton

2. Big ball with ball shell packaging

3. Export fumigation-free wooden tray packaging

4. Packed in iron drums, a barrel of 250 kg

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