Regular Grade: N4 /Ni201, N6/Ni200 

    Diameter: 0.025mm-6mm

Product Detail

Shanghai Metel Corporation is a professional leading Pure nickel wire supplier and manufacturer.

The mechanical property of nickel is close to that of carbon steel, and its alkaline corrosion resistance is second only to that of silver in metal materials. A black protective film will be formed on the surface of nickel wire in concentrated alkali Make it very corrosion resistant. It is mainly used for electric light source materials and coating. It has high surface quality and good processing performance. It is used for manufacturing work, such as anode, spacer, electrode support, etc. it can also be used as guide wire lead in bulb. In addition, it plays a very important role in chlor alkali industry. Electrical grade materials are alloys with various components due to different service conditions. Moreover, electrode materials are required to have low resistivity to avoid electrode overheating, high high temperature strength to reduce material wear, and viscous melting and volatilization under the action of arc to improve service life.

If you want to know more about Pure nickel wire or other rare matel products, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

  • 1. Purity: About 99.99%

    2. Temper:Hard;1/2 Hard;Soft

  • 1.Good mechanical strength.

    2.Corrosion resistance and high heat resistance.

    3.Resistant to strong alkali, neutral and weak acid.

    4. It has stable performance in atmosphere, fresh water and seawater.

    5. Good corrosion resistance.

    6. Excellent heat resistance to concentrated alkali solution corrosion.

  • 1. Radio.

    2. Electric light source.

    3. Machinery manufacturing.

    4. Chemical industry.

    5. Important structural materials in vacuum electronic devices.

    6. Guide wire in bulb.

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