Enamelled Copper Wire , PTFE Wire

Tinned Copper Stranded Wire

    Material: Oxygen free copper

    Size: 0.15~500mm2

    Surface: Bright Tinned

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Tinned Copper Stranded Wire with high quality and reasonable price.

Stranded tin-plated copper wire is made of oxygen-free copper wire with 99.99% tin content in the tin layer, which guarantees better quality. The flexible copper strand is annealed in the process of processing. It is soft and bending resistant. The high-speed cage winch is twisted back and twisted. The finished product is round, straight, compact and free of loose strands. The product meets the requirements of the national standard. Tin-plated copper strand has anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and is suitable for special environment. It is deeply trusted and supported by customers from all walks of life, such as power transmission and distribution, electrified railway, grounding line project, industrial electric furnace and so on.

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Packing of Tinned Copper Stranded Wire: 

1) Roll: Max 500 meters

2) Wooden Spool: Max 3000 meters

3) According to customer requirement

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