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Tinned Copper Terminals (Cord End Terminal/ Tubular/ Marine Copper Terminal/ Ferrule/ Lug)

    Grade: C1220

    Shape: Pin type, Ring type, Fork type, TG type, DTGA type

    Items Number: EN0306, JG10-6

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Tinned copper terminals (non-insulated cord end terminal/tubular/marine copper terminal/ferrule/lug) with high quality and reasonable price.

Tinned copper tube terminals are widely used in machine tools, motors, railways and home appliances. They are made by pressing high-quality copper tube or copper rod, and the surface treatment takes matte tin, bright tin and pickling as the main process means. Among them, the wiring copper tube terminal is the component that connects the battery to the external conductor. The types are divided into single hole, double hole, socket, hook, etc, used to connect the wire to electrical appliances or other electronic equipment. The top is fixed to the device with screws. The end is used to connect the copper core of the wire and cable. They have good solderability, crimpability, high corrosion resistance and long-lasting The ability to resist discoloration.

If you want to know more about Tinned copper terminals (non-insulated cord end terminal/tubular/marine copper terminal/ferrule/lug) price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours

  • 1. Material: Copper

    2. Surface treatment: Tinned

    3. Grade: C1220

    4.Shape: Pin type, Ring type, Fork type, TG type, DTGA type

    5. Items Number: EN0306, JG10-6

Technical information of tubular tinned copper terminals:

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